About Us

Hello, fellow nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts!

Finding a product well-matched to your outdoor needs can be TRULY frustrating, no question about it.

You buy something believing it’s the absolute best choice and—surprise, surprise—it’s not even close to what you wanted. Anyone knows EXACTLY how disappointing wasting both time and money feels.

My experiences inspired me to start Outdoor Gist. With help from my incredible outdoorsy friends, we hope to bring new life to your outdoor experience through our guides and in-depth gear reviews.

In order to make your adventure more fun, easier and safer, we only recommend items we would use ourselves.

And our goal is simple – provide you with information, advice and guidance on products for your next adventure that can help you make smart decisions, and feel more confident, comfortable and save some money.

This site is not solely for outdoor enthusiasts but for weekend warriors and dabblers from all walks of life. Please feel free contact us with questions, comments, concerns or just to say “Hi.” We are always happy to hear from you!